Adult bibs

Adult bibs
350 gsm

Solid single ply terry quality with 350 gsm

Vat Dyed
Ring Spun Yarn
Oekotex 100


Useful product for those in need of care which stands out due to generous cut, high softness and
durability. With three diff erent kinds of putting it around the neck.

Available in white, bleu, mint and vanilla. Production with special colours is possible with a minimum quantity of 250 adult bibs.

Download data sheet: Adult bib Single ply

Quality Details

Material: 100 % cotton, high quality carded ring spun yarns
Weight: 350 gsm
Dyeing: white with blue optical brightener, colours vat dyed
Finishing: with durable piping around the edges, in three variants for fixing around neck:
– For binding: with two bands which are bound around neck.
– With Eyelet: one of the two bands is folded as eyelet whereas the other is drawn through.
– With buttons: with three metal press buttons to adjust size.
Certificates: Oekotex Standard 100, ISO 9001:2015

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