Towels, bathrobes, mats & sheets

Collections for Hotel bath, SPA-area & therapy

Quality of colors

  • no fading or bleaching out
  • more than 20 vat dyed colors on stock
  • neutral optical brightener for white laundry

Choice of quality

  • for Hotel & SPA in every weight and fabric
  • extra series for sauna, pool & wellness
  • bathrobes in 7 basic qualities, sizes from S to 10XL

Quality of service

  • direct contact person
  • professional reference samples
  • support for projects – on request
collections with towels, bath towels and bath sheets

Collections with hand towel, bath towel & bath sheet

Eco-Star 400 gsm - unique assortment in resistant colors, sizes from face cloth up to 90x190 cm
Line-Star light 420 gsm - good value Hotel towel, with saving potential
Line-Star 450 gsm - soft and full upper-class Hotel quality, strong in laundering, colored assortment 
Profi-Star 500 gsm - voluminous series for premium Hotels, with specific wellness sizes, trendy without border 
Profi-Star organic 500 gsm - single ply quality - without border - 100% organic cotton
Profi-Line 550 gsm - luxurious towels for Top-Hotels, with full cotton grip, for demanding clients 
Luxury-Line 630 gsm - full and fluffy towels with ultimate absorbency - no distortion
Greco-Line 450 gsm - soft double ply cotton quality with high/low woven profile, Mediterranean design
Puro-Line 500 gsm - artless stylish, luxurious towel sizes, dense doubly ply cotton quality with superb absorbency 
Bio-Line 450 gsm - organic cotton, ecological production according to Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.)
Waffle towel 350 gsm - soft, absorbent and sportive, fine double ply cotton quality in pique design
Mikrofiber 320 gsm - economical towels in laundering, soft pile with stable fabric, ink repellent 
bath robes by Floringo for hotels and laundries

Bathrobe collections for Hotel, SPA, sauna & leisure

Kimono - style 179 - 350 gsm - carded cotton yarn, good value entry product, economical in laundering
Hooded - style 172 - 350gsm - soft bathrobe for children, sizes for toddlers up to youngsters
Kimono - style 400 - 380gsm - knitted terry with stable threads, soft and durable, ideal for SPA
Shawl collar - style 401 - 380 gsm - full, knitted terry quality, professional for Hotel and Leasing 
Kimono - style 200 - 430 gsm - fluffy quality with full grip, pure cotton from carded ring spun yarns 
Shawl collar - style 201 - 430 gsm - fluffy, soft and highly absorbent, in sizes from S to 8XL
Hooded - style 202 - 430 gsm - trendy, pure cotton feeling from top to toe, full body cut without side seams 
Kimono - style 300 organic - 380 gsm - velvety single ply velours quality - in pure organic cotton
Shawl collar - style 301 - 380 gsm - velvety Velours bathrobe with noble comfort, carded cotton yarns 
Raglan - style 511 - 320 gsm - shooting star with velvety appearance, excellent in washing and drying, lasting softness 
Hooded - style 512 - 320 gsm - velvety trendsetter with reactive colors, shiny microfiber yarns outside, pure cotton yarns inside
Shawl collar - style 551 - 420 gsm - Luxurious trendsetter, velvety feeling, available in white
Kimono - style 570 - 200 gsm - soft Twin-Star-Quality - economical companion, without wrinkling
Hooded - style 582 - 320 gsm - superbly soft bathrobe for children, with size up to 172, fresh reactive colors 
Hooded - style 602 - 400 gsm - fluffy and voluminous Premium-Soft-Quality
Kimono - style 900 - 250 gsm - sportive pique with amiable grip, lasting softness through high quality fabric 
additional series of sauna towels

Additional series of Sauna towels

Towel "Sauna" high/low woven 520 gsm - full double ply cotton quality with pleasant grip, design with massage function
Sauna towel "Stripes" 380 - 450 gsm - fresh color stripes which are Indanthrene dyed, good value characteristics 

Saunakilt 320 gsm - with lengths for men and women, soft, easy care and durable

Hamam towels with stripes

Hamam towel with stripes 350 g/m2 - soft and light towel, for an oriental atmosphere - avialable with or without knotted fringes
durable bath mats by Floringo

Bath mats - white and vat dyed collections

Sprint 650 gsm - professional leasing product, with broad choice of Indanthrene colors corresponding to Series Eco- and Line-Star 
Makkaroni 1700 gsm - sumptuous bath mat - cozy and stimulative
Profi-Star 700 gsm - full and massaging through high/low woven profile, upper class product
terry covers and well soft covers by Floringo

Covers in cotton and polysoft quality

Terry cover 400 gsm - fluffy and spacy with 155x220 cm, well absorbent and helpful in clinics
Well soft cover 300 gsm - superbly soft, fluffy and warming, stable piping, washable

Sports towels

Sports towel 520 gsm - light towel for Fitness and Sport. With best water absorbency.

Adult bibs for Hotel and Care

Adult bibs in cotton and laminated fabric

Single ply 350 gsm - in 3 variants to put it around the neck, choice of warm Indanthrene colors 
Knitted terry 240 gsm - very durable, laminated on back side, to be bound around neck 
Bath towel for children by Floringo

Bath towel for Children

Towel "Sun" 340 gsm - colorful and playful, lasting and well washable with 95°C 
Fitted bed sheets for Hotels

Fitted bed sheets

Jersey-Line 190 gsm - with generous base hight for all mattresses, all around elastic band, ideal leasing product
Terry-Line  180 gsm - pleasantly warm and elastic cotton bed sheet, with all around elastic band 
custom made products - no problem for Floringo

Custom made - variants for professional use

You would like to have something special? You prefer individual distinction with functional assets? Look on our custom made page.