Terry towelling from Floringo – suitable and profitable

Our terry articles stand out by a long life cycle and excel in lasting characteristics like softness and high water absorbency. In the laundering process cost for energy and handling are reduced due to professional fabric and stable finishing. We produce our terry articles in detailed quality at every step of our production.

Perfect grip and lasting form

For our cotton terry towels we use exclusively carded ring spun yarns which lead to a full grip and guarantee a lasting form stability. In contrast to convetional cotton towels, we use ring spun yarns in the ground fabric.

On request we produce also qualities with Open-End (OE-) Yarn in the ground. With our modern looms, all qualities are woven in steady structure. Tear proof stability of our terry is minimum 300N.  

Adequate bleaching and dyeing

White terry towels are bleached with neutral optical brightener in order to exclude unforeseen reactions of other optical brighteners in the water.

For colored terry towels we highly recommend vat dyed colors which have unsurpassed scores regarding fastness of color, heat, sweat and light as well as their persistance against chlorine. Being producer for more than 20 years, we have profound experience with dye-stuffs.

Special finishing - for volume and high absorbency

For a voluminous pile and in order to get rid of fluffs we consciously avoid enzymes. Instead, we use for the finishing of our terry towelling modern hot air processes like Turbang® or Airco® finishing. They preserve the characteristics of cotton yarns at best.

Moreover, for cotton towels with high pile, we offer a hydrophile finishing which enhances water absorbency from the very beginning.

Durable seams - chain stitch for towels

Laundering puts terry towels especially at the edges under enormous stress. Wet towels get very heavy and strike during washing and drying constantly against the drummer.

Towels from Floringo are produced with an automatic double chain stitch at the long sides, with a minimum of 3,5 stitches per centimeter.   

Clean seams and press stitch for bathrobes

Bathrobes are under heavy strain during laundering and are often pulled at the sleeves out of the drummer. Our bathrobes excel by a stable and clean press stitch, wherever necessary and suitable.

Selvages are tucked or overlocked and combine clean appearance with stable characteristics. For our bathrobe models in singly ply and knitted terry we have developed “full body” cuts without any side seams.