Unique Quality Assets

Perfect volume and form

For our cotton terry towels we use exclusively carded ring spun yarns which lead to a full grip and guarantee a lasting form stability. In contrast to convetional cotton towels, we use ring spun yarns in the ground fabric.

On request we produce also qualities with Open-End (OE-) Yarn in the ground. With our modern looms, all qualities are woven in steady structure. Tear proof stability of our terry is minimum 300N.      

Shiny colours with high fastness

For our home textile collections, we use shiny reactive colours from rennowned European producers Dye-Star. Fixiation with cotton yarns is optimal with high heat, which is the reason why they can and should be washed with 60°C.

If the towels are used together with chlorine we recommend vat dyed colours. Please be informed that chlorine may be part of bathroom cleaners and cosmetics, and be used around pool areas.

Durable seams for towels

Wet towels get very heavy and strike during washing and drying constantly against the drummer.
Towels from Floringo are produced with an automatic double chain stitch at the long sides, with a minimum of 3,5 stitches per centimeter.