We bear responsibility for people and nature - in all areas

Responsible corporate action is as much a part of Floringo as the beauty of the region in which we are based. Our terry textiles are manufactured with strict sustainability principles in mind and are continuously developed so that we further reduce their ecological and ethical footprint, while at the same time increasing their economic benefits. All our activities are shaped by the guidelines of the "Honorable Businessman" and follow fundamental principles:

- We respect and demand compliance with human rights conventions and ILO core labor standards in all areas of business and declare them to be our essential principles. As a minimum, our Code of Conduct  (DE, EN und TR). serves as the basis for cooperation.

- We produce durable terry products that are optimized for their intended use and guarantee our customers procedural safety, high productivity and reliable returns.

- We have established a due diligence process through which we determine, assess and eliminate or mitigate or avoid risks associated with our business, supply chain and products. Our suppliers' employees have the opportunity to submit complaints (DE, EN und TR) at any time. These are carefully investigated, evaluated and eliminated or mitigated.

- Our terry products are manufactured using the latest technology, which realizes a high fabric quality with the lowest possible consumption of resources.

- We are committed to the sensible use of raw materials by continuously optimizing manufacturing processes, product characteristics and logistics processes, and by promoting recycling. The latest projects can be found here. Since mid-2020, our company has been climate neutral.

- Floringo joined Oxfam's Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs network in 2021 to help people in poorer countries start their own businesses on their own. Together with local partner organisations, people get access to start-up capital, vocational training or help in developing their expertise. In regions with high cotton availability, we want to effectively and sustainably counter poverty and social inequality. From our own thinking and experience, we support this practical and goal-oriented action concept.

Products with a long service life and low resource consumption

The right materials, high-quality workmanship and the long life of a terry product have a direct impact on its ecological footprint - and customer acceptance. For high absorbency and a soft pile, great robustness, good washing behavior and long-lasting colors, we manufacture our terry products from high-quality cotton yarns. Through innovative combinations with polyester, we complete the profile of our products with high processing efficiency, resulting from a high degree of dewatering and shortened drying times in the laundry. The special properties of our durable textiles ensure an optimum benefit-performance ratio of the resources used.

Products with high environmental and quality standards

Since 2021, our company has been awarded the government's "Green Button" seal, which sets high social and environmental product requirements and prerequisites for corporate due diligence.

A large part of our product lines carries the OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN certificate.

To ensure the highest possible product safety, all our terry towelling products have been awarded the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. The contract lines are additionally certified according to the DIN EN 14697 standard for industrially washable textiles.

Since 2020, we have been affiliated with the Climate Partner initiative and, on request, supply climate-neutral terry products whose production-related carbon dioxide emissions are offset in climate protection projects.

In our sustainability report, we have been providing regular information since 2017 about our activities, objectives and results for the continuous improvement of our corporate and social footprint.

Our company has had a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 since 1999


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