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Bathrobes from Floringo stand for luxury and sustainability at the same time. Hotel guests are thrilled by their softness and comfortable cuts. Using our bathrobes, you have the chance to demonstrate your customers an appreciation which will turn out to your benefit. With respect for environment and nature, we offer various bathrobes with sustainable labels, in "Green-Line" and in organic cotton as "Bio-Line". Of course, in every series you can choose from a variety of designs, fabrics and customised options.

Innovative & varied - lasting comfort and comfortable cuts        

Be it waffle pique, Mayer-knit terry, single ply, single ply velour or our Twin-Star fabric: all fabrics consist of best yarns, in pure cotton and up to qualities that are combined with polyester yarns, in different degrees. Each quality has its asset for specific purposes, is developed, woven and finished in a way that it fulfills its aim at best and as long as possible.
Same is fact and reason for design: whether kimono model or shawl collar, with or without hood. Our cuts respond to stylish preference, budget, location and efficiency of use. Cuts are oriented on Central European body sizes, thus generous. From the outset, cut is even larger as indicated size on label refers to the size which is achieved after shrinkage due to intense washes and drying processes. Toy say it simply: a bathrobe e.g. in size 'L' will remain 'L' as long as it is in use!
In order to fit perfectly to the shoulders, at brest and collar, we use in many types the so-called Lord Raglan cut, for example, in our popular Twin-Star models: sleeves start already at the collar and are not just stitched at the outside of the shoulder. One out of many assets why Twin-Star has become a 'flagship' and trendsetter in the hotel business."               

High quality & durable - elegance that pays off

We want that you and your customers enjoy our bathrobes to the fullest and for a particularly long time. Therefore, we do an attentive finishing down to the detail, reduce cut edges to a minimum and work e.g. with an overlock and elaborate press stitch when we have cut edges at the long sides. Our bathrobes in premium soft cotton do not even have them and are made up in a full-body cut. An elegance that also pays off, because risk for damages is reduced and, thus, service life is extended. 

Noble & individual - various custom made options

Take the chance to customize your products in order to match your company's design and make it look even more classy. We will finish your bathrobes with piping, embroidery, logos and labels. For Resorts and as exclusive incentive we offer also appliqués in well soft trimming. It will be sewn on collar or hood, at sleeves and pockets. In this way, we combine stylish design, warming effect and fluffy feeling, of course in easily washable and lasting bathrobes. Who would do it better?

We would also be happy to advise you personally on our products

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