Why Floringo?


Professional producer with longterm experience

Floringo has been a manufacturer of particularly high-performance and skin-friendly terry products for more than 25 years. Floringo terry products excel in constant use, washing and drying. They inspire with lasting comfort which is why Floringo terry products have become a brand name in professional sectors. We never stand still and have set milestones in the field of sustainable production and energy efficiency with new qualities of towels and especially energy saving bathrobe. Please feel free to ask us about this. 

Indepth competence for hotel suppliers, laundries and wholesalers

We not only produce terry articles but design them precisely with our customers. With laundries and hotel suppliers e.g. we have developed own fabrics, dyeing methods, finishings and seams for our towels, bathrobes, sheets and blankets. Towels and bathrobes are therefore optimally combined in form and function, size and weight for the respective article - as stock items or as custom-made products.

Direct consultants and advice

Direct communication, binding information and close coordination with customers are, from experience, an important guarantor for best results and the mutual market success. Regardless of whether you are planning to use our terry articles in hotels, wellness and saunas or spas, as advertising material or gifts, or as beauty or cosmetic articles - we have competent contact persons for every area who will be happy to help you in any way.

Stepless production and logistics

We keep everything under one roof and are experts at every level, optimally scheduling and coordinating orders and delivery times for our customers. For that, we introduced the DIN 9001 quality management system, which is subject to audit, as early as 1999 and have refined it continuously since then. Competent employees are decisive for this on a daily and personal basis. This naturally begins in production, where we work with qualified specialist personnel on the basis of the latest technology in a continuous and closely interlocked coordination - and are therefore also one of the first manufacturers in our industry to be "Green Button" certified

Fair and stable partner, where a word still counts

Floringo is reliable, discreet and fair. We stick to sincere business virtues and practise them daily. Those who know them and us also know what we mean with it. They are the fundament to come to constructive solutions if problems occur. It is also understood that we are a discreet manufacturer who appreciates and protects confident market players.   

Pillars for success and secure perspectives

We only have a chance in the future if we give it one. For this reason, we have been committed to resilient and sustainable concepts since our foundation in 1996. Central components are the high quality of our products, competence and technology in production, sophisticated coordination and long-term business partnership. We word and think in feedbacks and want to inspire our customers. Our sustainability report provides detailed information.


Lasting terry products in optimal price-value relation

Our terry products have been put 'through their paces', have been tried and tested in the trade and by laundries for decades. For unwavering comparison they  have also been scientifically examined. For example, scientific institutes such as The German Hohenstein e.V. have tested and confirmed their aptitude for long-term use as contract linen - according to DIN EN 14697. Durable in the laundry and plesantly soft on the skin at the same time - therein lies our skill and your profit! "

Innovative products, commonly developed (e.g. Twin-Star bathrobe with well-soft trimming)

We develop products that are fully convincing in look and feel, in form and function. With best odds in the laundry their comfort inspires hotel guests, patients and end consumers. The latest example of his kind are Professional-Line bathrobes. They are persistently soft in every weight class, at the same time quick-drying in the wash and worked in a raglan cut for perfect comfort. We are happy to pass on our pleasure in the matter and offer our competence to advise you to your idea.

Long use due to special confection and finishing

Our terry products stand out by an extremely long service life, stay soft and keep best shape. This is ensured by optimum yarn qualities and a way of processing that is as unique as it is sustainable. The fact that this applies down to the last detail is visibly and tangibly demonstrated, for example, by the longitudinal seams of our bathrobes. Here, the cut edges are first chained, then folded over and provided with a press seam, so that the seam lies skin-friendly completely against the fabric, is firm and visually attractive, simply perfect.

Custom and tailor made, with low minimum quantities

Meeting your wishes and offering you the optimum product is our most important aim. For this, we provide you with our expertise, modern technology and a wide variety of finishes and confections. We produce your terry product already in small quantities. We will be happy to advise you competently and send you samples from our repertoire of more than 25,000 custom-made products!

360° sustainable quality and management

For us, sustainability is not just a trend but integral part of our entrepreneurial philosophy that focuses on the highest quality, consistency and long-term stability. Most important variables are the responsible use and consumption of raw materials and energy, skilled labor and clean environment as well as our own standing on the market. Latest evidence for this is the fact that we were awarded the German "Green Button" certification just within six weeks after being audited. This particularly comprehensive and reliable German state seal literally seals our sustainability, as the trade press praised approvingly. And of course, we deliver our terry products climate-neutral on request!

Terry linen for the specific use (in laundry, hotel, cosmetics, therapy and as promotional item)

Terry from Floringo is for professionals - from professionals. For decades, we have specialized in producing the optimally suitable and maximally economical terry towel for the specific purpose and area of use. For his reason we offer a warehouse assortment that is as unique as it is precise. Highest quality standards apply to all articles, regardless of whether they are lighter or heavier, from pure cotton or e.g. fabric with polyester parts.  It's best to tell us how you use your terry towel or which one you imagine, in design and function. We will know.     

Easy care terry linen, for best perfomance in the laundry

In the interplay of constant washing and drying, i.e. the constant stress of wetness and heat, wet cotton fibers are much more susceptible to abrasion and damage, which is why we use particularly tear-resistant yarns for both the backing fabric and the pile, and have developed a backing fabric that is as loop-tension resistant or close-meshed as possible. The same applies to the quality of the sewing threads and the choice of the respective sewing technique, so that for the towel in all sizes and weights we work with a dense, double warp stitch i.e. a backstitch seam that is as firm as it is stretchy at the same time.

Energy saving terry articles (e.g. microfibre towels, Twin-Star, bath mats in special fabric)

Drying terry requires a lot of energy. Saving here protects the environment and lowers costs with high impact in the hotel and leasing sector where washing cycles are intense. For a low economical footprint in the service life, we have developed respective terry linen for hotels and also beauty salons. With our Twin-Star quality bathrobe you save at least 50% of drying energy and time compared to pure cotton products of comparable fullness! For bathmats we use polyester yarns in the bottom fabric in order to wash them efficiently together with towels.


Luxury and comfort without waste, due to optimal cuts and qualities

Luxury is defined by high comfort, individual expression and freedom of choice. At Floringo it has nothing to do with waste, in contrary. In conscious fine-tuning, we define fabric, weight and size precisely for the respective use and focus on a high end level of design and well-being. Wonderfully soft bathrobes with furry Well-Soft trim on the collar and on the sleeves are a tangible example of this, with an enviable look and best washing behavior.


Unique warehouse assortment, professional stocks

Our stock assortment is extensive and professional at the same time. We supply our customers in the laundry service, for hotel equipment, the textile and promotional industry with professionally developed terry products, which we deliver from our warehouses near Munich in Upper Bavaria. We would like to invite you to a tour - just browse through our terry catalog.

Call-off options for business partners

We offer our customers call-off options, which we define according to our customer's requirements, in terms of quantity, deadline and reoccurence. We set it up efficiently in terms of inventory management, e.g. with automatic reordering. The observation of target stock and reported stock is paperless on base of our ERP system; speedy order-picking included.  Partnership conditions apply as long-standing customers know.

National and international delivery, with all-in-one service

Floringo is expert for delivery which we do including customs service and neutrally to your customer. For this we manage also details like requests for transport and offer e.g. absolutely reliable delivery with own truck to Switzerland. As Climate Partner we carry emission-free, if you like.       

Discretion, with fairness and customer's protection

For us, market economy is not a 'lion's cage' but entrepreneurial competition for quality and performance, on ground and within the limits of commercial virtues. For us, also the economic pillar of sustainability is decisive. Therefore, we place greatest interest in fair and long-term business relationships. With and at the side of our customers, we have become successful and will remain so together, valuing and protecting our trading partners as part of a chain based on the division of labor.

Application of RFID Chips and Transponders

RFID chips and transponders are increasingly in demand from laundries. We have developed our own towel edge for sewing them in. This technique is suitable for almost any type of RFID transponder or chip. In effect, they sit stable and remain at the same time haptically inconspicuous. The RFID chips become sewn in with production in the factory. At low costs, they can be ordered already starting from small quantities. Own transponders or chips can be sent; ours are constantly in stock at the factory.