Economy-Line mats

  • Proven and popular mats for shower and bathtub, with all colors for the collection with the Economy-Line towels. We recommend Economy-Line bath mats especially for guesthouses and hotels, clinics and nursing homes.

    • 13 chlorine resistant colors
    • Neutral bleached in white
    • all colors for towels Economy-Line
    • Color selection for Professional-Line
    • good lying behavior
    • white, neutrally bleached
  • The bath mats are made of 100% cotton in the pile, in uniformly dense twisted terry. In the lower fabric, a blended fabric of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is used. This leads to an optimization in the treatment in the wash - see care - and additionally optimizes the lying behavior, as with conventional bath mats the corners often bulge upwards.

    • Material: 85% cotton/15% polyester (upper warp in 100% cotton, lower warp and weft of blended fabric) 
    • Weight: 650g/m² 
    • Coloring: White 000 - bleached with neutral optical brightener; colored with vat dyeing for highest fastness and durability 
    • Design: with a circumferential draft 
    • Confection: hard-wearing object double seams 
    • Certificates: Green Button, Made in Green, Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • By using the blended fabric, we reduce drying times for bath mats by approx. 15 -20%. This has advantages both when washing unmixed bath mats and unsorted laundry (e.g. towels together with bath mats), because energy is saved in both cases. In addition, in the case of unsorted laundry, the lighter goods (usually the towels) are not overdried, since the moisture sensors are oriented to the entire laundry. Overdried goods should not be because they feel hard and straw-like. For more tips on proper handling, see care instructions. Download care instructions

000 neutral bleached
110 bleu
117 royal
340 jasmine
416 sunny yellow
421 vanilla
505 sand
530 brown
909 pebble gray
995 dark gray
541 walnut
816 bordeaux

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