Economy - Bath mat Sprint 650g/m²- 11 chlorine resistant colors

  • A special weaving technique and the use of premium polyester yarns give this bath mat optimum wash resistance and keep it in place, while preventing the corners from being pulled up. All colors are chlorine resistant and underline a fresh and elegant atmosphere. For this, this bath mat recommends itself also as easy going  and easy care mat at home.

    • Design, textured, rectangle border all around
    • Yarn, 85% cotton, 15% polyester (with 100% cotton in pile, polyester solely in base fabric) 
    • Tissue, double ply, with dense pile and base fabric
    • Seams, double chain stitch at the sides
    • Finishing, hydrophilic / Airco®
    • Dyeing, white bleached with a neutral optical brightener, vat dyed colors
    • Washing, up to 95°C, 203°F
    • Tolerance, for size, weight and color +/- 5%, shrinkage 7-10%
    • Certificates, Standard 100 by Oekotex, MADE-IN-GREEN and optional/ Green Button                                                                                                                

     Download Data sheet economy bath mat sprint

    Download Care tips

    • distortion free
    • optimal tearfastness and elasticity
    • high loop fastness
    • Weight and dimensions before washing
    • robust object seams / stable and durable
    • instantly absorbent / intensified volume
    • resistant towards chlorine, light and sweat 
    • boil proof
    • low deviance i.e. high stability
  • Recommended customizations 


000 bleached neutral
110 bleu
117 royal
340 jasmine
416 sunny yellow
421 vanilla
505 sand
530 brown
909 stone gray
995 dark gray
541 walnut
816 bordeaux

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